Thursday, May 29, 2008

My New Set of Wheels

Good news world! Are you ready for it?... Okay, well, you may have noticed a new face on the streets of Orem and Provo, riding like those hard core cyclists. It's because...I got a new bike!!!! (notice the FOUR exclamation marks. That means I'm really excited). It's been pretty fun riding to work yesterday and today. I get here a little sweaty (the hills are killer to weaklings like me...I'll get there soon) and everyone at work thinks I'm a little crazy. I love it. I've decided to be consistent with my current standing of not caring what other people think about my strange tendencies, and so, will continue riding. Don't worry, I don't wear spandex...yet. Come on! I've only had this bike for 3 days now!

Watch out Lance Armstrong.

*note: to those of you who are wondering about my overuse of ellipsis... Don't worry about it. I'm just trying to build suspense.


Barney Lund said...

Aaah, the roads are no longer safe!

Jennifer said...

For the record, I think your "strange tendencies" are really awesome! You're healthy and in-shape. Isn't that what all the rest of us wish we were? I think you rock out. I would hold back on the spandex though... at least on your WAY to work! ;o)