Monday, February 23, 2009

Short Story: Part I

It was a beautiful Sunday with the sunlight seeping through the blinds in their cozy little cottage for two. The air was still and conditions were perfect for an afternoon nap. Maria, was drifting into unconsciousness to the sound of her husband's heartbeat. Slowly, she lifted an eye to capture his sweet face, only to notice his look of consternation. What could be wrong? she thought. A bad dream? A sore throat? A sudden tugging from under her head, alerted Maria to the fact that she was lying on her husband's tie, which was consequently choking him.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

..."Be Mary!"

Wasn't the sunshine beautiful today?

Friday, February 6, 2009

another year, another binging fest

Well, today is the day that you and I (mostly I) have been anticipating for basically the past...365 days. That's right, it's my BIRTHDAY!!! In honor of the occasion, I took a long nap yesterday, and when I woke up, I ate 1/4 of a two layer cake by myself--in one sitting. It was completely uncharacteristic of me (a behavior probably encouraged by the 13 movies we bought a few nights ago), and as a consequence for my unnatural action, my body overcompensated and this morning, I weighed the least I've weighed for probably 10 years. As I write, I am on hold with the AVIS car rental company, trying to get a refund on an overcharged rental for my boss. However, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on why I love birthdays (especially mine) so much.

* Facebook. Since there's a notification that today is my birthday, so far I've received 10, no 11 "Happy Birthday" messages on my "wall".
* Early morning birthday/wake-up songs. Thanks Allison.
* In my family growing up, we could eat anything we wanted for breakfast, and we didn't have to practice our instruments. This is still the case. Never mind that I never practice and I chose yogurt and oatmeal.
* Barney considered taking the day off. I'm so glad that he has a job, but it sure is fun when he stays home.
* Cake! Did I mention that I ate a lot of it yesterday?
* I'm a year older, and one year closer to my quarter-life crisis. It seems like something significant is supposed to happen around now...
* Free meals/deserts at restaurants. I usually count the 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after as my "birthday season".

Mostly, I love you all (all one of you who read this blog--thanks Barn!) and am so glad that you've been a part of my life this year.

Back to the hold music.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Marylund or Maryworld?

I had a dream once, that I was made Queen of the United States. Since then, I've decided that if I ever become queen, this will be the new currency.