Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Disclaimer: This post was written by an individual who was extremely tired and there is the possibility for many a grammatical faux pas. Thus, it probably shouldn't be shared with children if you expect them to be able to function normally in life.

At the bottom of the screen that I'm using to write this post, there is a list of suggested titles. I wonder who gave these suggestions or if they had something interesting to say about scooters, vacation or fall. Here's what I have to say:

Scooters scooters, there's nothing cuter
except for maybe the booter dooter mooter looter
They can go and they can stop
They go vroom and they go pop!
And the best thing is that the gas mileage is good-er

Vacation...what is there to say. I love it. Mostly I love the spontaneity that is allowed when a set work schedule isn't required. I think my dream vacation would be to go to a land far far away, where I don't know the culture or the language, and then act like I'm deaf. I don't know sign language, but it would be funny to act like I did so people didn't think I was just an ignorant tourist. I guess it could back fire if I was signing to someone who actually knew sign. Yeah. That would be awkward.

And about fall...I guess it depends if it's a verb or a noun. When I think verbally, all I can think of is sky diving and scary dreams. But when I think of the noun...Boston. I've never been to Boston in the fall but I hear it's amazing. Don't the pirates who don't do anything mention something about that?

Well, there you have it. Scooters, vacation, and fall. What more is there?

Monday, June 23, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

This morning on my run, I was reminded of how nice Heavenly Father is to me, and how many great things there are in my life. (This post is my attempt to make up for the last one. :)) There are thousands of things that I love, and here are a few of the ones I am thinking about today:

My great roommates; Running; Sunshine; Fresh fruit; Mondays; A good nights sleep; New socks; Barney; Phone calls from people I love; Picnics; Old movies; Flipping flip flops; Flowers; Swinging on swings; Karaoke; Teaching; Christmas caroling; Driving with the windows down; Walking bare-foot; Laughing; Country music; Sand dunes; Pillow fights; Walks/runs in the rain; The Temple; Billy Joel and Bob Marley; Bike rides; Shoes; Camping; Surprises; Speaking Spanish; Hammocks; Sunrises; Finding money in clothes I haven't worn for a while; Dancing; Letters in the mail; My family; Awkward moments; The gospel; Reading a good book; Baseball games; Chili dogs; Road trips; Looking at old pictures

Isn't life great?

*note: This list is non-exhaustive and in no particular order. I do love Barney more than I love Mondays. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Mary and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day"

Have you ever seen that children's book "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day"? Great book. The best line is "I hope you sit on a tack! I hope your ice cream falls off the cone and lands in China!" Classic. Obviously, I would never, ever want anyone to sit on a tack, and while obesity is a real concern, I would hate for ice cream of any variety to be lost from the premises--even if it benefited people in China. Still, some days are better than others. Like today for example. Like that one time when I got my brand spanking new/shiny/black/fairly expensive bike stolen. Or that other time today when I found out that I had disappointed some people that I love and that didn't quite feel like a million bones. I'm still trying to master the art of being happy and not too hard on myself, and I think it must be a matter of maturity and not experience because I've had an awful lot of experiences and I'm still struggling.

The positive part of this Alexander day, is that I've had some time for reflection. I've always really wanted to be different. I have a feeling that because of this desire, maybe someday, somewhere, I can make a difference. Who knows. It's just a dream. I just care so much about things and I don't want that caring to go to waste. I'm learning though, that sometimes it's better to be the same. People respect sameness. They often struggle with people trying to be too different. You know what they say: "If everyone is special, no one is special." :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome to Marylund

Well, it's finally happened. Okay, let me rephrase that. Well, it's finally going to happen. 23 years and what seems like thousands of first dates later, I'm finally getting married. Yup, pretty cool huh. I'm excited.
I feel like this whole relationship so far haw been a series of decisions. I've felt so often, "Hey Mary. If you want it to work, work on it." So, I did and I have and I am. In fact, I worked on it so much, that I actually popped the question. I know, it's a bit unconventional. But then again, so am I.
Here's the story (just so I don't have to keep telling it):
So, once upon a time there was a boy whose name will be changed to protect the innocent. We'll just call him Barney L. No, no...How about B. Lund. One day, B. was walking through the Wilkensen's center on BYU campus, pondering on his most recent dating competition, and came upon the most beautiful girl he had ever seen who happened to be sitting with a girl he knew because they were on opposing teams (in the competition). It was the perfect opportunity to not only rub it in the face of the opposer, but also to get a date with a cute girl. So, B. sat down, and the following conversation ensued:
B.: What's your name?
Mystery girl: Hermana Francis...I mean Mary (she had just returned from a mission)
B.: Are you dating anyone?
MG: nope
B.: Do you want to go out with me?
MG: uuuuuhh.... (this lack of being able to speak was due in part to her lack of English speaking ability, in part to her awkward stage in life, and in part to his good looks)
MG: Yeah, I guess (acting like you don't care always makes you seem more desirable).

Needless to say, the date was amazing, as were the next hundred or so.
After a while of B. being ready but waiting on Mary to make a decision, she finally was able to make the decision, so she acted unsure for a few days just to freak him out, then on Friday night she set up a treasure hunt around town for him which ended up at a beautiful dinner with a beautiful girl and... (drum roll please) she got down on 2 knees and asked him to marry her.
So, to all you youngsters out there, searching for "the one," I say to you that you can keep looking forever, or you can make a decision and make it "the right one". I am thoroughly convinced of that.
The added bonus is that my new name will be Mary Lund. :)