Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update and Pictures


*We've been house hunting. . . for the past 6+ months. We look at houses pretty often, but haven't found anything that suits our fancy. That, and we love our ward. So who knows when we'll actually move. Most likely it will be before Millie goes to college.

*Barney is rocking it at work. The company is launching a new company, so he has his hands full with new and exciting experiences.

*I am still training hard for a triathlon in April with my brother John E, and hopefully a half-marathon in June.

*Millie grows up every day. Her vocabulary is also growing significantly, along with her command of the English language. Here are some of our favorite recent quotes:

After I finished praying one morning, she said, "good prayer, sis!"

Me: Millie, does that peach juice taste good?
Millie: tastes like chocolate chips!

Barney was driving and sped up to try and shoot the gap. Millie exclaimed, "Woah! This is crazy!!"

*Alice is rolling like crazy, sits up like a champ, scoots backwards, and says "yaya", "dada", and "baba". She still spits up 15-20 times a day and is learning/being forced to sleep better. I'm taking her in for her 6-month check up tomorrow, so we'll see if the doctor agrees with me that she's got acid reflux. She still cries a lot, but when she's happy, you've never seen such a bright, joyous child.

And now for the pictures: