Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh what do you do in the summetime, when all the world is green?

Well, obviously, I don't blog much.

But, we have been...

Enjoying fresh produce,

Real Salt Lake soccer game

Going to the zoo,

Doing lots of playing in the sunshine,

Baking cakes for special occasions,

Family picnics,



And just plain being silly.

Events not pictured:

-Me, growing to approximately the size of a whale. The good news is, my placenta has shifted so it shouldn't be a problem. And yes, I've started running again. . . . That is if you can call it running. It's more like a slow waddle. 8 weeks left!

-B's Birthday, and his first white hair. Yes, he made me pull it out. Yes, he saved it.

-Prepping M to become a big sister. All we've achieved is a little girl who wants her mama to hold her all the time. Any suggestions?

-Prepping the house for a move in 3 weeks. All we've achieved is creating more mess. I'm sensing a pattern here...