Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh what do you do in the summetime, when all the world is green?

Well, obviously, I don't blog much.

But, we have been...

Enjoying fresh produce,

Real Salt Lake soccer game

Going to the zoo,

Doing lots of playing in the sunshine,

Baking cakes for special occasions,

Family picnics,



And just plain being silly.

Events not pictured:

-Me, growing to approximately the size of a whale. The good news is, my placenta has shifted so it shouldn't be a problem. And yes, I've started running again. . . . That is if you can call it running. It's more like a slow waddle. 8 weeks left!

-B's Birthday, and his first white hair. Yes, he made me pull it out. Yes, he saved it.

-Prepping M to become a big sister. All we've achieved is a little girl who wants her mama to hold her all the time. Any suggestions?

-Prepping the house for a move in 3 weeks. All we've achieved is creating more mess. I'm sensing a pattern here...


Jen said...

Cute, cute pictures!

As far as prepping the "big sister" we found Natalie a favorite baby doll. We practiced wrapping the baby in a blanket and holding it nicely, rocking, burping, etc. Then when Amy was born, I encouraged Natalie to hold her baby like I was holding mine, etc.

I was really paranoid about Natalie feeling misplaced, so when she came to the hospital to meet her sister, Amy was in the nursery. I first had Natalie climb up onto my bed with me where I hugged her so she knew we were still buddies. Then Jon brought baby sister Amy to US. She loved her sister, and there was never a problem.

Also, "Baby Amy" gave a present to her big sister Natalie at the hospital. (You know, trying to help the baby "win over" the older sibling.) I can't remember what it was now, but Natalie got to open the present there and it was something to keep her busy like a coloring book and new crayons -- something she was excited about.

Millie will make a wonderful big sister!

Kendra said...

Love the photos - looks like you guys have been busy enjoying the best that life has to offer.

The best prep that we did for Isaac was babysitting a new baby. The first time - he hated it... but the next couple times he LOVED it. It was good practice for all of us. :)

Good luck!!! I am sure Millie will do great.

Barney Lund said...

Ha! Some whale. Half the time I look at you, I totally forget you're pregnant. Millie does know how to change a frog's diaper...so yeah, she'll be fine. :)

Emily Jones said...

Are you seriously still running? I went on a (short) hike the other day and nearly died. You're a true inspiration! (By the way... the patriotic cake looks AMAZING!)

Net said...

I knew it! Barney totally outed you about the whale comment. Nice try. :) Still, though, being pregnant feels like being a whale regardless of how you look, so I still send my sympathy. My kids are here looking at all the pictures - very excited over seeing Millie. The Darth Vader balloon is AWESOME! I'm almost positive it would give my kids nightmares.
Good luck with the cleaning. Good luck with the displaced big sister effect. I have no answer for either, so I will just wish you well and send all our good karma vibes!
Love you guys!

Nae said...

I'm so happy you can run again! And those pictures are just way too cute. I want to eat some corn on the cob now. :)
Good luck with everything!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

where are you moving?
millie...sigh...so sweet.

good luck with everything!!

Elise said...

Running? While 7+ months preggers? You inspire me.

Where are you moving to?

Did you know I'm in Utah right now? We should get together!

Ben and Summer said...

How exciting! I love it. So are you guys staying in UT? What is B doing? HOpe all is well, good luck with the new little one soon, and your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!

Mel said...

so much fun. the last few weeks are the worst. hang in there. good luck with everything!