Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Wonderful Twos

Tonight as I was rocking Millie before she went to sleep, I told her a story about a mommy who was given a beautiful baby girl as a treasure, two years ago tomorrow. I told her a few of the countless reasons that I love that little girl, and then I started crying. Then I put her in bed and she started crying. Heredity shows up at the weirdest moments.

I sure am lucky to have been given two of the most wonderful girls. Here are a few reasons to love Millie, especially on her second birthday!

*She is quick-witted and funny
*She's constantly learning new words and skills
*Still hasn't mastered jumping, but works on it daily
*She loves her little sister and is very attentive to her needs--including sharing her food with the baby
*Loves dancing and is gaining some mad skills
*Has the best smile
*Has picked up singing
*She's learning how effective a kind tone and a few choice words ("please, mommy") can be
*LOVES sweets (and heredity makes another appearance)
*She loves being rocked
*Often gets laughing hard enough that her legs give out and she ends up on the floor
*Has the cutest dimple
*She almost always looks like a little homeless child with the cutest ragamuffin hair you've ever seen
*She loves helping with most anything, but her favorites are cooking and sweeping
*Loves to pray, read about Jesus or sing songs about him

Oh, how I love this girl.

Happy Birthday, Millie!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


It's been quite a year. Here's what happened:

Remember this girl?

Made lasting friendships

There really are no words

Learned how to read

Barney graduated from the NBA MBA program

And got a job at a a little company called Mozenda

Keeping the ducks fat

Child labor Helping mom

Being cute

Meeting baby Alice for the first time/feeding Baby Alice cookies for the first time

Halloween: the princess and the pea

Daddy recovering from 3 surgeries and taking care of two hooligans at the same time=superman

Thanksgiving (yes, we only ate pie for Thanksgiving)

Alice Joy on her blessing day

Nice action shot

"Give me more cookies!!"

The first snow

Hanging out

Meeting Santa 
Notice Millie's look of horror. It was only slightly less traumatic because he gave her a candy cane.

Thanks for the great year everyone.
Love you.