Monday, May 16, 2011

24 weeks along, and learning how to walk

Millie and I are both figuring out how to walk this week.

Millie, who took her first steps about 4 months ago, is just now figuring out that she likes to walk instead of crawl. I can't blame her; she is so efficient and fast in her crawling, and can get to everything she wants to. So, despite her physical ability to walk, she has chosen crawling for a long time, and now is finally deciding that she wants to move on to walking.

I, on the other hand, have been running almost every day of my pregnancy thus far. These 24 weeks have seemed much more manageable, because I've been able to stay active. Running is something that I love, something that gives me confidence, keeps me balanced and happy, and gives me another thing to do with Millie throughout the day. It is so much a part of my identity, and I was really hoping to be able to continue throughout the pregnancy (at least as long as it was still comfortable).

Then, yesterday at my doctor appointment, we discussed my placenta previa, and the doctor advised that I stop running and err on the side of inactivity. At first, (don't make fun of me--pregnancy hormones) I almost cried. I hate to give that part of my life up (I know, I know, it's only for a few months, I don't expect you to understand) when so often it's the only part of my day that feels productive, and one of the few things that I do for me.

And, while the placenta previa is a risk to my body but not necessarily the baby's, it is even easier to rationalize the doctor's orders. However, I'm having to remember that my health is important to this baby and to Millie. As with most things, this is not all about me and my wants.

So, the girls in our family have moved on to walking. Wish us luck!