Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome to Marylund

Well, it's finally happened. Okay, let me rephrase that. Well, it's finally going to happen. 23 years and what seems like thousands of first dates later, I'm finally getting married. Yup, pretty cool huh. I'm excited.
I feel like this whole relationship so far haw been a series of decisions. I've felt so often, "Hey Mary. If you want it to work, work on it." So, I did and I have and I am. In fact, I worked on it so much, that I actually popped the question. I know, it's a bit unconventional. But then again, so am I.
Here's the story (just so I don't have to keep telling it):
So, once upon a time there was a boy whose name will be changed to protect the innocent. We'll just call him Barney L. No, no...How about B. Lund. One day, B. was walking through the Wilkensen's center on BYU campus, pondering on his most recent dating competition, and came upon the most beautiful girl he had ever seen who happened to be sitting with a girl he knew because they were on opposing teams (in the competition). It was the perfect opportunity to not only rub it in the face of the opposer, but also to get a date with a cute girl. So, B. sat down, and the following conversation ensued:
B.: What's your name?
Mystery girl: Hermana Francis...I mean Mary (she had just returned from a mission)
B.: Are you dating anyone?
MG: nope
B.: Do you want to go out with me?
MG: uuuuuhh.... (this lack of being able to speak was due in part to her lack of English speaking ability, in part to her awkward stage in life, and in part to his good looks)
MG: Yeah, I guess (acting like you don't care always makes you seem more desirable).

Needless to say, the date was amazing, as were the next hundred or so.
After a while of B. being ready but waiting on Mary to make a decision, she finally was able to make the decision, so she acted unsure for a few days just to freak him out, then on Friday night she set up a treasure hunt around town for him which ended up at a beautiful dinner with a beautiful girl and... (drum roll please) she got down on 2 knees and asked him to marry her.
So, to all you youngsters out there, searching for "the one," I say to you that you can keep looking forever, or you can make a decision and make it "the right one". I am thoroughly convinced of that.
The added bonus is that my new name will be Mary Lund. :)


Jennifer said...

Welcome to the family, Mary! I have to admit that "Mary" was on my list of cool kids' names (particularly for the coolness of "Marylund" but then my sister named a daughter Mary. And now that the coolness is a bit closer to home it's all taken care of anyway!

I love the story of how you guys met - too cool!

Dianey Face said...

I'm glad to see that you don't need me to tell you how beautiful you are... :) I'm thrilled for you! Hooray!!!

Devin said...

I'm so excited! This is Molly, not Devin, but he's excited too.

Courtenay said...

Hi Mary...this is Courtenay South. I am married to Barney's cousin Andrew. Congratulations. I have just spent a few minutes... actually several minutes... reading your blog. You sound like loads of fun... can't wait to meet you!

Elise said...

Mary! Wow, I didn't know you were dating someone seriously! Congrats! I'm so happy for you...being married is just simply bliss :)

Robyn said...

YAY YAY YAY!!! I'm so happy about all of this. And I'm so glad I got to be the one to introduce you two.

Janae said...

Man, that competition totally paid off! And Mary, you can't believe the hullabaloo and joyous noises that ensued when my mom came home and told me! We're all so very excited for the both of you! Yay!!! And you can be sure that my dad already came up with a very large number of puns for your future name. :)

Suzie said...

I'm so psyched for you and Barney! What a match. You guys are going to be such cool parents.

Suzana said...

wow! i didn't know you were dating anyone! congrats! when's the big day?

Catherine Hess said...

Woo hoo! You are so awesome! Barney Lund is a very lucky man.

Barney Lund said...

I'm going to have to agree with the comment above. :)

Drew said...

WOW!!! I can't believe it! My kith and kin united in the holy bonds of matrimony! Can you imagine that Barney and I used to be Men's Chorus buddies way back in the day? And now engaged to my flesh and blood! Congratulations, I'm really excited for you both.

And to think, I just saw the both of you only a few weeks ago. Now if only someone awesome would propose to ME, that would sure take the pressure off, ha ha.

Ted said...

Congrats!! We're super excited for you! You need to keep us updated on your life events. Horray for blogs! Here's ours:

Alyssa does a great job of keeping it up to date.


Brian & Shara's beautiful fam said...

Felicidades Mary! I knew it was coming soon. I love the story! Very creative. Hey, for some reason, when you called my cell right before y'all left it didn't capture it so I don't have your number anymore. I'll stop typing so you can plan a wedding...time is ticking!

Net said...

Hi Marylund. I'm going to be your new sis-in-law (one of). I've had fun reading about you, though Barney assures me "it's a guarantee that you'll love her."
You know you're putting to bed a long-time family game of "I wonder what-on-Earth kind of girl Barney will end up with." Can't say we played that game with any of the other sibs. Barney's always been the one we wondered at.
I think he's whooped. Congrats.