Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Mary and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day"

Have you ever seen that children's book "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day"? Great book. The best line is "I hope you sit on a tack! I hope your ice cream falls off the cone and lands in China!" Classic. Obviously, I would never, ever want anyone to sit on a tack, and while obesity is a real concern, I would hate for ice cream of any variety to be lost from the premises--even if it benefited people in China. Still, some days are better than others. Like today for example. Like that one time when I got my brand spanking new/shiny/black/fairly expensive bike stolen. Or that other time today when I found out that I had disappointed some people that I love and that didn't quite feel like a million bones. I'm still trying to master the art of being happy and not too hard on myself, and I think it must be a matter of maturity and not experience because I've had an awful lot of experiences and I'm still struggling.

The positive part of this Alexander day, is that I've had some time for reflection. I've always really wanted to be different. I have a feeling that because of this desire, maybe someday, somewhere, I can make a difference. Who knows. It's just a dream. I just care so much about things and I don't want that caring to go to waste. I'm learning though, that sometimes it's better to be the same. People respect sameness. They often struggle with people trying to be too different. You know what they say: "If everyone is special, no one is special." :)


Barney Lund said...

Mary, I'm terribly sorry that your day was not a good one so far. I am sorry about your bike. I'm sorry in general.

I love how you are different. Ask Jon about being different; just last night he was saying how he tries to be different in tons and tons of things. I feel like that too.

It's an interesting paradox, however, like you said; if everyone is trying to do this thing or that thing differently...then sometimes everyone is trying to do the same thing.

I foresee your day getting better...

...and for today...something different.

GaryB said...

Omigosh! Sounds like it was one of THOSE days. I really feel for ya' kid, I've had a few of 'em myself. Hope it helps to know that there are a lot of folks rootin' for ya'!

"Though slings and arrows your way may fly,
and tempest storms your mettle try,
I'll snatch you from the gaping maw,
and shelter you, my daughter-in-law."

Yay July 31st!

saracoral said...

Remeber what Kendra used to say about having a bad day? It means that someone else is having a really good day. I think that during your bad day there had to have been 10,000 babies born and 987 people won the lottery to make up for your day. Wow! I can't believe you're responsible for so many good things! I'm sorry your day stunk and I'm sorry about your bike.
PS. Alexander actually says that he wants the icecream to land in Australia, not China, but for T-fany, we can wish it to go to her.
PPS. I'll have to get you a copy of the book so you can refresh your memory.

Emily said...

Hey Mary! This is your cousin (second cousin I guess) Emily. I saw your blog linked to Drew's. I'm sorry about your bad day, but I'd rather dwell on the good new. Congratulations on the engagement! How exciting for you guys. What a great story too.

I'm glad we finally have a way of keeping in touch. I'll stay tuned for more.