Friday, April 25, 2008

Chi-town The next phase

So, spending two days solo in Illinois had its pros and cons. Pros: no schedule; no limits on where I could go and what I could do; no screaming children running around like banshees, fighting. Cons: I started talking to myself pretty early on. It did get a bit lonely, but it was fun to go see Korea town and shop at little obscure shops and drive past Michael Jordan's neighborhood.

Pretty much, I'm glad my family is finally here. It is so fun to be with everyone and to be able to show them the sights of my mission.

We haven't done a whole lot yet--just visiting people and eating a lot. Last night we were able to go to the temple. Wow. What an awesome experience. I forgot how much I love being there with the people I love most.

Oh, and I recently have developed inflammation of the area between my ribs and cartilage that huts a lot (well, only when I breathe). Hopefully it'll go away soon (don't worry. I've got plenty of ibuprofen and I'm taking it).

That's all I've got.

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