Friday, April 18, 2008

My Classical Music Complex

Okay. Confession time. So, I went to take my first final this morning, and when I heard a Vivaldi melody line drifting through the air, I suddenly felt sick. Literally.

Background: Many children have somewhat of a rebellious streak. (I guess that's a generalization. Maybe it was just me.) When I was young, the only music playing in my house was Classical. Occasionally, my mom would shake things up just enough to throw us off, by playing some Mormon Tabernacle Choir. At a young age, I went on a road trip with one of my childhood friends and her family, and I realized that there was more music out there. Wow. At that moment, I decided that I was through with this classical brainwashing, and from then on and forever, classical music made me carsick. Weird, I know. I've tried to break free of my own weird associations, but now and then (especially during finals week I guess) it hits me.

So, back to the test taking. I was walking to the test taking room in the WILK, heard the music, and could picture in my head taking my test: trying and trying but then crashing and burning like the little engine who couldn't. I started feeling nauseous and weak and John E's recent line "mom, my frontal cortex slipped to the back" was taking on new meaning. Luckily, the Vivaldi ended and some Chopin started (which is much better on my nerves) and I was able to do fairly well.

Another disaster avoided. Thank you Chopin.

*Note: To all you classical lovers out there, I actually really like classical music now. Don't judge me. People can change.

*Anther note: To all you who are taking finals, my mom recently told me about a study that was conducted making a connection between blood sugar and brain capacity. Lesson: eat lots of sugar and you'll do well on your tests.


Barney Lund said...

Wow, and just think of all the classical music you've had to endure in my car! :)

I could put up a similar post, but I don't want to copycat. Oh, and please do something about your frontal cortex, would ya? People might start talking.

Suzana said...

ha! it's a good thing you're not a music major. i've got two music literature tests this weekend and all i've been listening to it Haydn and Mozart... i'm glad you started a blog. it was good to see you the other day!

The Leester said...

Mary! I miss your face! I'm glad to see you're doing well and super glad you started a blog so we can stay in touch! I felt pretty jipped that I missed you at Charlotte's reception, but hopefully I'll see you again someday before I die!

Jennifer said...

Hmmmm. Since Natalie's current concerto is by Vivaldi, we'll have to think twice about inviting you to a recital! I mean, we don't want anyone hurling into the aisle! j/k