Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chi-Town Stage 1: The airport

So, I'm writing this from the SLC airport. Due to the boy scout in my blood, I am extremely prepared with a year's supply worth of snacks, about 7000 lbs of books that I probably won't read, and an hour to spare. This gives me the perfect opportunity to...people watch!

The airport tends to attract all types. Starting off, we've got the computer nerds in the corner. Actually, I think they're really mafia because they are using an old clunky PC and we all know that the only use for those is if you need a quick weapon. Also, they keep drinking their frescas and staring at me. Maybe they know something...

Next, there's a woman who I will affectionately call "pill popper". She's wearing fish net tights, gulping her drink, and taking some sort of pill in between bites of her krispy kreme donut.

A few seats over, a girl named "miss wannabe illusive". She's wearing big sunglasses (inside) and she's been talking on her cell phone for what looks like at least 12 hours as she's starting to grow into the upholstery of the airport chair.

Pill popper just left.

Oh. There's my favorite. His name is Billy (well, it should be if it's not). I haven't seen anyone so decked out in cowboy gear for a long time. It's a wonder his pants don't fall down with the size of that belt buckle.

pill popper is back with another donut.

Well, I'm excited about this trip. I have a feeling that it's going to be exhausting, fun, crazy, and really weird to be in Chicago in pants. Still, I can't wait to see everyone and chi-town.


Robyn said...

I love your blog. Happy traveling! I hope y'all have a great time. Give Dianey 10 big hugs for me, one for each day. :)

Jennifer said...

Your writing is hilarious - I love it! Keep it comin! (Barney gave me this link... :o)