Monday, April 21, 2008


Yesterday (yes, I know that's a rather ironic way to begin the post named "today"), the home teaching lesson was on President Monson's talk: "live in the past, remember the future, and...the pallet of the poisly has the true that is blue. Just remember that". It really got me thinking about the importance of living in the present. So, I have made a new goal to enjoy today.

How many times do I think, "I can't wait until the weekend!" "I can't wait until summertime!" "I can't wait until finals are over!" "I can't wait until I get another comment on my blog!". I realized that I sometimes miss the most important moments of my life, looking for the next most exciting one.

So, today I went for a good long (6 mile) run and loved it. I was only a few blocks from my house when the first exciting moment occurred: a high school aged boy leaned half way out his window to scream and/or whistle at me. I instinctively sped up my pace, sucked in my stomach, and flexed my arms-just in case. Then I remembered that today, there is a boy who loves me. I slowed down and made my arms look as flabby as possible. (*note: my arms look exactly the same flexed or not. I don't know why I even try.) As I continued my run, I remembered how I used to hate the process of running, but love the feeling after. Now, I love every second of the process. What a blessing that my body works and that I can breathe (depending on how fast I'm running) and that I could enjoy the sunshine!

I used to think that Satan invented final's week. But today, I'm glad for finals because it means that I'm lucky enough to have an education. (The added bonus is that finals are over and I got $91 for selling back two textbooks.)

What a great day it is today.

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Barney Lund said...

Hey, thanks for trying to make your arms look flabby.

Love your guts.