Saturday, March 28, 2009

A letter to a celebrity

Dear James Bond,

I know you're probably used to being worshiped--especially among the lady-folk around Hollywood and in every movie that you've ever starred in. However, I was just wondering how I could be more like you. You may be wondering why, instead of just loving you, I want to aspire to be you. The answer is simple. It's just that my husband wors thinks you're great (we'll leave the worshiping to those that really deserve it-no offense) and I think that maybe I could impress him a little with my cool moves and creative abilities to "protect" my family. I would try writing Jackie Chan, but have you heard about how many injuries he's acquired during his exploits?

My point exactly. Not worth it.

Anyway, a little help would be appreciated. He's been laughing less and less at my jokes.



sara said...

Just wondering if your call sign would be 008... You'd make an excellent bond girl! (I'm whistling at you right now)

Dianey Face said...

:D This is awesome. James Bond is a lame-o-face compared to you.