Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Thanksgiving Post

Today, I am thankful. Here are some of my favorite blessings.

Tamales. I had the best tamales yesterday. Seriously. Is there anything better?
Hands. I would sure miss them!
Nice people. Sounds cliche, I know. But it sure is nice when people are nice to you.
Kisses from Millie. Nothing like a big slobbery open-mouthed kiss to raise your spirits!
Stroller (jogging stroller, that is). Of all the things I own, this is in the top five most-used. It's right behind the next thing in my list.
Gravity. I do not own gravity, I just use it quite often.
Internet. I know, I know. I'm a nerdy addict. But if you're reading this, you may be too!
Vanilla yogurt
Indexing (Family Search Extraction Work). Another addiction that I have. Wow. This post is turning out to be more of a confession...
Nursery. Thanks to this calling, Millie has been building up her immune system like crazy!
Garage. It is so nice not to scrape off the car!!!

But mostly, I'm grateful for these two crazy kooks.


Suzana said...

that millie reminds me so much of molly. these two would probably have a blast playing together now. we should just get together and hang out once the holiday craziness calms down!

Net said...

didn't get any tamales... didn't feel cheated until now.
I'm also very thankful for my hands - and my husband's hands. Hands are good.
Yay internet!
Yay that there are still nice people out there. Sometimes I need reminders.
I swear, Millie gets progressively cuter each picture.
I'm thankful for your beautiful family.

Emily Jones said...

My favorite was gravity. "I don't own gravity but I use it quite often." LOVE IT! Ha ha!

Nae said...

Love the list! :)

sara said...

Good list. Somehow you omitted Sara from it... Obviously a slight oversight on your part.
PS. Millie just might be the cutest ever. Votes are out on that one.

Dianey Face said...

The branches look like antlers and you look like crazy deer. Crazily cute deer.