Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have finally given in

I realize that I'm at the tail-end of the trend, but I still had to join the ranks of women with bangs. And not just the side swoop that I've had. These are serious.

I haven't had bangs like this since I was 3.

Are you excited yet?

Okay. Here is the before:

And, the after... or rather, the attempts at getting a good shot of the after. When you're as photogenic as I am, it's so hard to choose just one picture for the blog.

"Elementary, my dear Watson."

The slightly stoned look

The James Bond girl look
The Classic Smile. Don't you love how frizzy my hair looks here?


Emily said...

Lookin' good! You pull those off beautifully.

Net said...

Cute! I think it looks great.
Curious, what made you decide to do it? Just changing things up? (I'm always a fan of that, btw)

Elise said...

I love it, Mary!

Emily Jones said...

Love the bangs but love the many faces even more!

Megan Smith said...

I think you have the perfect face for bangs! It looks way cute!

sara said...

wow, I'm totally speachless! You're always hot!

Dianey Face said...

You really are quite photogenic. Hence the 4 pictures.... ;)

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

love it!
and i'm totally jealous...
i can't pull off bangs,
and i'm okay with that now
but i sure do love your fierce
bangs, lady!

BrittWilk said...

yahoo!! they look super cute!