Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Beginnings

What Millie likes about our new place:



Plenty of space to play

And playing the piano with daddy.

What mommy likes about our new place:

Sound doesn't travel well, so I can not only ignore a crying baby, but I can use the excuse with my husband that I "didn't hear" him.


Jen said...

Cute, cute pics and video! Cute girl all around! It looks like an amazing place!

Emily Jones said...

Millie's a natural musician, just like her ma and pa. Cute like 'em too.

sara said...

I thought from the title of your post that somehow you managed to get called into YW again. Whew!
I'm glad you have lots of fun places for her to play.

melody said...

Swings and a tramp!? You are set.

Emily said...

What technique she has. Those dimples are the best!

Elise said...

Mary! Do you want to get together? I really want to see you! I'm still in Utah until the 20th, but my phone is broken, so email me!

melody said...

I will certainly add you two. You can just give me $10 each at the race, if that is cool. Oh, could you email me your full names and ages? Thanks! (P.S. You know the shirt isn't included if you register for $10, right? Just want to make sure you know!)

melody19 (at)