Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm it

I was tagged by my sister-in-law Jeanette, and even though I don't consider myself very interesting, I shall try my very hardest to have unique joys, fears, obsessions, and interesting facts.

Joys: (This one is easy)
Clean Kitchen
New Socks
Torrential rain storms
Cute AND comfortable shoes
Soft grass
Ice cream

Fears: (Not quite as easy)
Disappointing people I love
A family member getting in a debilitating accident
Not reaching my potential

Running/being healthy
Brushing my teeth
The Gospel

Interesting Facts:
I'm running a half-marathon tomorrow!
I have never broken a bone
I was in a Dairy Princess Pageant
I had braces for 6 months
Never been to Disneyland, but my favorite Disney movie is Aladin ("I can show you the world...")
I have a goal to run a marathon on the Great Wall of China

1 comment:

Net said...

Do they HAVE marathons on the Great Wall of China?
Thanks for going along with the tag -- it's fun to learn more about you this way. And nice to know your dental hygiene is intact!
How'd the half marathon go?