Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween and Picture Dump...Okay, mostly just pictures

For Halloween this year some of our friends came over to join us for a dinner of ribs (thanks for the ideas Jen!),

Green slime and pumpkin guts,


Mashed potato ghosts and breadstick bones with blood (not pictured)

We dressed the girls up as the princess and the pea, with us as mattresses and took them trick-or-treating to a few people. Millie was so high on sugar that we may never do it again. I'll post some pictures of the costumes when I get them.

On an unrelated note, my super talented friend/sister-in-law Jen took some pictures of the girls. Considering the disastrous timing of Alice's baby acne plus neither of the girls cooperating, I'd say she did an amazing job. I guess someday we'll enjoy the true nature of our lives being shown in the pictures.

Nice spit up stain, Alice!

... including this creepy scene we saw when Millie got up from her nap. Should we be worried?


sara said...

Cute pictures. I love the one of the girls together in pink jackets. I'm dying to see you and Barney as mattresses. Awesome idea.

Suzana said...

i think alice looks just like you, mary. she's a doll! and getting so big!

Jessica said...

Fun! I'm excited to have found your blog.

me said...

So cute! We loved your costumes. And Jen did an amazing job for sure!

MoM said...

cutest little princess and pea I ever saw!

Cassie said...

And here I thought you "didn't really blog". Glad I now know. I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on those DARLING pics of your beautiful girls and the creative Halloween dinner idea.

Eli and Carolyn said...

I was showing Eli these pics and he wanted me to comment he can't wait for Christmas break dinner with you guys---your making ribbs right? J/k