Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I know what you're thinking...twice in one week! It's a miracle!

Yes, I've been neglecting my blog. There's no good excuse. However, I'm sure in the upcoming weeks we'll have some exciting news to share. In the mean time...

We met B's family for the Davis County Fair. Not the most conventional fair I've been to, but definitely one of the coolest (well, it was actually sweltering hot. Especially with this little heater in me). What fair have you been to that lets you pet and play with zebras, goats, dromedaries, and all kinds of miniature horses and cows, not to mention a tortoise?

These animals had NO sense of personal space. I was sure we were going to come away with a huge chunk of Millie's hair missing from those goats.


JoSue said...

ok ok ok, so my little ticker thing on my blog that shows when people have updated theirs hasn't shown that you've updated in forever!! So then when I saw your update today I clicked on it and realized I've missed so many posts! I couldn't believe it. That ticker thing isn't working for about five other blogs too.

ANYWAY, I CANNOT believe you are about to have another baby! So exciting. I'm sure you are ready to be done right? Can't wait to hear all the baby news and we'll be praying everyone will be healthy!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

i've been thinking about you!!
hope all is well.
we loved seeing you guys at rocket park.

keep in touch i want to know all about new sweet little baby!