Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Parable of the BYU Sweatshirt

The babe is snoring softly in her bed, so I will take this opportunity to teach you all a lesson that I've learned in the past week here in this exotic land.

Since we've been here, 3 separate people have randomly approached me and word for word have said, "What ward are you in?"

Now, at first I thought it was one of those stories like the BYU students in Jerusalem who were told not to talk to people about their beliefs, but the people complained that they still had a light in their eyes.

Then, I realized that in every case, I was wearing my sister's BYU sweatshirt. (She doesn't know that I have it... and she won't until she gets back from her mission and sees all our pictures. In some instances, an eye for an eye still applies.)

It reminded me of this talk that was given at a BYU forum.

There's something very creepy and yet comforting that there are people all over the world who are watching.

Speaking of creepy...


sara said...

I'm seriously traumatized after seeing my beautiful Millie like that. I had to scroll down to see some normal pictures to get that one out of my head.
Your story reminds me of something though. Remember when you gave me yummy taco soup for my drive home? Well you gave it to me in a BYU bookstore bag and the next day I brought the bag to work to nibble on the other goodies you gave us and someone was walking by my desk and said "Is that a BYU bookstore bag?" I totally didn't even know he was a member (so much for light in the eyes) He probably didn't know I'm a member either so I guess that says something about me too... Just not sure what.

Nae said...

Love it! :)