Sunday, May 9, 2010

I promised to document our adventures...

We spent the day yesterday in Portland with our friends, "The Other Lunds".

Aaron and Caroline are here in Hillsboro from BYU doing an internship with Intel as well. It's just a coincidence that we're both Lunds.
I actually don't have any pictures of them on here, but they were there.

Here are a few pictures of our adventures yesterday.

A cool forest

The Pittock Mansion

Overlooking Portland

At the Farmer's Market

An elephant we found in a park

In Powell's Book store (a really really big book store--a whole city block big and probably 3 stories tall)
We also found a really yummy Italian place for dinner, and went to "Voodoo Doughnuts" to try one of the very famous/weird doughnuts there.


Kendra said...

I'm loving the haircut Mary - you look amazing! And it's fun to see all of your adventures. You are really living it up. Keep the photo documentation coming. :)

Jen said...

Fun! You look really cute, Mary!

dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

so were the doughnuts any good?

i'm still just completely jealous...oregon just seems like a wonderland to me.

little millie just can't get any cuter.

melody said...

That really does look like an adventure.

Don't you love the Moby? I would hardly have gotten anything done without mine!

Emily Jones said...

I'm glad you're having so much fun! I love that first picture of you and Millie!

Brooke said...

So green! I love it.

Jessie said...

Congrats on the big move! That's exciting. I've loved exploring our new surroundings here in NY. I've only been to Portland once, but I totally LOVED it! It looks like you guys are having fun. Best wishes in Oregon!

Nae said...

Oh fun! What great adventures. I think I need an elephant just like that one. :)