Sunday, July 5, 2009

Be Careful What You Pray For

This week, my love and I have been praying for missionary opportunities. We find that our problem is that we don't do too many things out of our regular schedule, which doesn't make for many chances to meet new people. Especially in BYU territory.

Well, Wednesday started out just like a normal day, plus a prayer for a missionary opportunity.

Here was our answer:
(This is not an actual photo. But, I'm sure our accident was just as dramatic. At least we were holding up all the traffic!)

No kidding. We were hit on the freeway, going 65 mph. Outcome? We're all okay, the cars are relatively okay, and guess what! The guy that hit us hasn't been to church in years and said that he would consider it now because of all the bad luck he's been having.

Are you serious?

Let's just say that we haven't prayed for missionary opportunities since. We've decided to stay safe and just pray that our food doesn't kill us for a while. Maybe in a week or two we'll get brave again.

*Note: In all seriousness, I consider it all worth it for the chance to share the gospel. I don't have any regrets about prayers of asked. Check out this post for more on my religious beliefs.


Net said...

ah! holy cow! I'm really relieved all three of you are okay! I'm glad it was an ANSWER to a prayer instead of a CAUSE for prayer! seriously, pretty scary when you're pregnant. I hope after all that the guy really does go back to church!

Jen said...

I'm so glad it all worked out alright. It was a bummer that you were delayed so long in coming up to the par-tay, but at least some good came of it, eh? :)

Steve said...

wow...maybe this is why it is so hard to get members of the Church to pray for missionary opportunities: they love their cars too much! hope all is well...

sara said...

Wow, does this mean you aren't going to come visit me? There are lots of missionary opportunities in this city.
I'm glad you're ok.

Emily said...

Well that is frightful. Accidents, and especially freeway accidents are so scary. I am so glad everyone is okay.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGosh! That is crazy. You caused an accident!!! ;)

I'm with you, I never pray for humility or for personal growth anymore.

It's simply too dangerous!

I'm putting you down for my bloggy lunch on Saturday. Be there or be square! Can't wait to meet you!