Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hard Core

"Hard core" is relative.

My friend "S" told me she was going to run 6 miles this morning.

I had my reputation to take care of.

I said I would accompany her (must've been a sudden stroke of insanity).

Despite my anxiety that I hadn't run that far in a few months probably, I went.

It was raining the most it's rained in (this isn't the exact number, but pretty close) somewhere around 5 billion years.

We ran and ran and I was feeling great. The rain was pounding on me so I strapped my hood to my head and continued. The pioneer children being chased by Indians had nothing on our running and running and running and running.

And then, I saw her.

There was a girl, also running, coming towards us. She was wearing a similar outfit to mine, she looked like she had jumped in a swimming pool with her clothes on, and on her face was an expression of pure loathing for life, the exercise, and the rain. She looked ridiculous.

That's when I realized that I was looking at a reflection of myself. Blast! I even looked stupider because of my hood tied tight around my red, splotchy, swollen face.

I guess that's why those people in cars were honking, pointing and laughing at us. I just thought they were impressed by our dedication.

*note: okay. I didn't really see people pointing and laughing. I wouldn't actually know if they were or not, because the rain was messing with my contacts.


Dianey Face said...

You are so hard core. I was going to italicize part of that sentence, but then realized it all needed emphasis. Seriously. If we ever have to walk out to Jackson County, I'm picking you to help push my hand cart.

sara said...

Wow, I don't even like to drive 6 miles. When I'm rick like Trump I plan on traveling by helecopter. It's so much more convenient.

Net said...

really 6 miles? I don't even know what to say to that.
beyond impressive.
I feel so... lame?
hard-core is quite the understatement.
in the rain? really?
you say you haven't run it in a COUPLE MONTHS? as in, it's not something out of the ordinary for you to do?
seriously. whoa.