Monday, May 4, 2009

Classic Quotes

Some people write quotes about their kids. I have a husband. His quotes are almost as great as our children's are going to be.

"Cute cloud!"

"Cute mountain!"

Yes. These were said on two different occasions.

p.s. we were almost attacked by the main characters in the Alfred Hitchcock film "The Birds" as we were driving to the temple the other day. No joke. There was a huge swarm of them, just flying towards us!


The Crash Test Dummy said...

This is what happens when you link to people. They find you. ;)

I absolutley LOVE your husband's quotes. hahahahahah How hilarious. I bet he says "cute butterfly" too. ;)

And see how the opposition works through Alfred Hitchcock to keep you out of the temple.

Mahalo for putting me on your sidebar.

Dianey Face said...

This morning I found myself saying to John E.:"cute vulture!" For reals. Context? Ice Age 2: after the vultures surprise you in singing "Food, glorious food!!"


sara said...

awe, that's so cute!