Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Slow down, you move too fast"

Have you ever been in a grocery store, searching for the shortest line when you think you've finally found it? Then, you end up standing behind a woman who is sorting through her coupons and trying to get her total to add up to an exact amount by having the cashier add and subtract items, then add another until she's satisfied and can dig through her wallet some more to find exact change. We were in this predicament for what seemed like hours (but it was probably closer to 30 minutes--still, that's a long time to be second in line!) at Target the other night. I was feeling more and more impatient to be moving on to our other activities. Luckily, I have an awesome husband who reminded me that we didn't have anywhere we needed to be, and we could afford to be patient. I was especially grateful for his advise today, when the same thing happened at Macey's. It just goes to show that no matter how well you plan and schedule, life always happens and we need to learn how to roll with it.


sara said...

wow, I can't believe how patient you are. Did you at least flip through a magazine to find the best prom dress this year?

Net said...

that, or you could start frothing at the mouth and when the panicked cashier asks what he can do to help you say that you need to quickly eat some of the ______ (fill in the blank) that you are purchasing, but wouldn't feel good about it until you've paid.

BrittWilk said...

ahhhh!!! i'm one of those coupon people! i usually warn the person behind me that i'm going to be a minute. shame on them for not having good coupon etiquette!