Friday, January 30, 2009

John E would like this

My brother John E (age 8) has recently been reading the "Star Wars" books. He loves them and has been trying to persuade me of their coolness. Come on! How long have those movies been big? I'll admit that the original Trilogy was pretty good, but the newer movies have only ruined the subject for me. Anyway, I wasn't convinced, but this morning as I was driving, I saw something that made me think that maybe I'm supposed to join the Star Wars bandwagon after all.

Not joking. I saw this face (minus the storm trooper in the back) walking across University Parkway in Provo. Is it a sign?


Dianey Face said...

The attractive hairstyle and everything?

Naazju said...

Mary, I'm *so jealous* that you saw Mark Hamill on University Parkway! I wish I could have been there. :)

~Natalia~ (who found your blog through Dianey :D)

sara said...

Did you ask for an autograph? Or at least a picture with him? Did you ask him if he's had counseling since he found out who his father is?
Man, there are so many things to find out about Luke... Like does he like Mayo or Miracle Whip?
The list could go on!