Friday, June 15, 2012

Chicago and "Baby"

Did I get your attention yet? I'll address that in a minute! Hold your horses. Chicago first.

B had a conference for work in Chicago last week, and I previously served a full-time mission there for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so I wanted/begged to go with him.  And Alice made the point that she would be really hungry by the time we got home (she just likes her mama's milk I guess), so she had to come.  Millie, on the other hand, didn't make enough of a convincing argument, and she costs a plane ticket.  Yep, she stayed home.

We had a marvelous trip! We got to see just enough without getting overwhelmed or over-exhausted. Alice was a dream (I hate to say it, but it was very uncharacteristic of her), as was Millie at home (I guess they liked being only children).

Buckingham Fountain

The Sky Deck of the Willis (Sears) Tower

Millenium Park

"The Bean"

Willis (Sears) Tower

Alice crawling into a suitcase

What she thinks of Chicago Pizza

The Metra

It was really fun to get to spend some extended alone time with Alice--something I had with Millie, but I've missed with my second-born. She has such a different personality than Millie, and I loved every minute I spent with her in Chicago. It seems to me that every developmental stage has come earlier with Alice--maybe because I'm not so wrapped up in every moment like I was with my first. Alice has started saying words! What?!!? I thought it was crazy when she was saying "uh oh" a few weeks ago, but now she's saying "ball" "daddy" and "baby". I must say, she's got the cutest little voice I've heard in a while.

Millie is also at a really fun stage. She's so independent these days, and learning so much. Yesterday, we went on a walk, and she said, "Mommy, stay close to me! I don't want you to get hurt!" That's very characteristic of her present stage--picking up on everything and comprehending a whole lot.  I only hope I can keep up with her.


GaryB said...

With Alice and a two-term President there, Chicago never had it so good! (I certainly don't mean Obama).

Glad you had a good time - even more glad you're back!

Nae said...

How FUN!

Jen said...

Such cool pictures! What an awesome trip!

sara said...

How fun! Did you get to see any members you taught or did you mostly stay in the city?

Net said...

She's saying words?!!! Holy wow.
...blasted, we miss everything. :(

melody said...

Sounds totally fun. Glad you got to spend some sweet time with your littlest. I always enjoy those one-on-one times with my kiddies too. They are certainly few and far between!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

i cannot believe how big your sweet little baby is! that means it's been way too long since we've seen you guys.

how lucky you got to go to chicago!

hope all is well!