Friday, February 25, 2011

What She's Been Up To

Now, I realize that it's not fair that I'm posting a non-perfect view of my child on here. Especially since I'm sure I never went through any of those non-perfect stages myself. Still, I hate it when anyone misses out on these fun and crazy moments. So for your enjoyment, here are some of M's achievements of her second year so far:

Oh, she looks so innocent.

Yes, that's the contents of the shredder.

No caption necessary. Oops.

Always the helper. She's so nice to clean out the box of wipes for me. . .

...and to empty the roll.

So glad she appreciates my cooking.

Oh good. Here she is "helping" Daddy vacuum. I'm glad I captured her NOT creating a mess for once.

And, for no reason, I just wanted to add this because I like it. Man, I love that little munchkin.


Nae said...

I love your munchkin too!

Jen said...

Her cuteness definitely makes up for the messes!

Net said...

The good news is that she is a perfectly normal, happy child.
And a beautiful one at that.

Emily Jones said...

I can relate to you all too well! I don't think it's possible for our house to ever be entirely clean as long as Carly is awake. But there's a reason they're so stinkin' cute. Like Jen said, it makes up for the messes... somehow. :)

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

i love her.
she is seriously the
cutest little girl ever
and i sort of think my
little boy is the cutest boy ever so...what do you say they get married?
sounds like a plan!

sara said...

I love it! You can't look that cute and be in trouble for long. Awesome girl!

Eli and Carolyn said...

Love the vacuum pic. She can fly here anytime and vacuum with me. Miss you!