Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year in the Twilight Zone

Happy New Year Everyone. Sorry to be MIA, I'll explain in another post.

I have been living in the Twilight Zone.

NOT kidding.

For two Sundays in a row now, I have woken the baby up from her nap, run around like a banshee trying to get us ready for church, snarfed cereal as we're running out the door, and arrived at the church only to realize that we were early. At least today we were only 40 minutes early. Last week it was over 2 hours.

The Twilight Zone seems different than I pictured it. I still feel like I can trust my judgment, but it turns out that I need to just give up and hire a private secretary, so that I can figure out this life of mine.


sara said...

Wow, you must be living in AJ's world. He keeps insisting that we need to change our clocks because it's daylight savings time and now he gets to go to school later. I couln't figure out where he was getting that, but he must be in the same twilight zone!

Net said...

Mark made the same comment I did in my head -- "2 hours?!"
And here I am feeling accomplished that we made it into Sacrament mtg before the end of the opening hymn. You know, now that church starts at 1pm...

Emily Jones said...

I do things like that ALL the time. Glad I'm not alone! :)

BrittWilk said...

so confused. can't wait for the explanation.