Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Heads and Sharp Teeth

Millie has been going crazy on the development train lately. Not only has she started crawling

and pulling herself up to standing,

Is it just me, or is does her head look proportionally large in this shot?

but she's also popped her first....and second...and third...and fourth teeth in less than 3 weeks. I don't know how she does it. I would need some serious pain killers for that kind of experience.

Yes, this is the pew in front of us at church.

Oh. And she's decided that since she can stand up in her crib now, she doesn't need to sleep when I put her in it. HELP!!!


Emily Jones said...

Millie is too cute. We had the same problem with Carly staying awake once she learned how to stand. We just let her sit in there for as long as it takes to fall asleep. Sometimes she just talks to herself for up to an hour. But eventually she always seems to fall asleep. Good luck!

sara said...

that's some crazy toothing or teething. Congrats. Does she get like a reverse tooth fairy gift? Money for each tooth that comes through? Good luck on the crib thing. I second the just leave her and eventually sleep will happen. (but what do I know about being a parent?)

Net said...

tylenol - motrin - tylenol - motrin

poor kid.
I hate pain, myself. I think I'd chaw up the pew too.

melody said...

Those pigtails are darling. Good luck with the teething and bedtime battles. Gabe loves to look at a book in bed. It usually keeps him happy in the morning for quite a while too.

Emily Conkey said...

Hey! I had the same problem with Sam not sleeping once he learned to stand up. The sleep specialist at my insurance co. told me to role play with Sam and show him a bear standing up in the crib. Then you say, "Ok, bear, time for bed" and lay the bear down and cover it with a blanket. I felt super ridiculous doing this but kept with it and either he just got it on his own or it actually helped but I saw a difference. Call me if you want to discuss this craziness in more detail. I just love you and I can't wait for Sam and Millie to get married in 24 years. I miss your face!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

just wait.
bennett just
learned to
get out of his
crib....kill me.

she's just growing
right up! four teeth
already? awesome.