Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Battle Lost

B and I rarely disagree on anything, but if we do, it seems to come down to one of two subjects: my cookies, and toilet paper. We'll leave the cookies to another post, and for now, focus on the latest debate about the TP. B really loves a certain kind of TP that is really nice, soft, thick and consequently, expensive. (Which is funny because between the two of us, he's usually even more the frugalisto than I am.) I like the stuff, but every time I go TP shopping, I can hardly bring myself to spend the extra dough on something that we're going to throw in the toilet and never see again.

Last week, I bought some TP that was on sale, and it turned out to be not only inexpensive, but also cheap--like the stuff they use in gas station bathrooms. Bad decision. I can live with it, but you end up using twice the amount than you would with the good stuff. Too bad. B wins for now and probably forever more on this issue.

Does this mean I should start couponing again?


Jessie said...

You make me laugh, Mary! Yup. Money that gets thrown straight down the toilet. I compromise and buy the middle-of-the-line stuff. The thicker rolls really do last longer! So I think you get your money's worth. :)

sara said...

Yes, you should start couponing. The money you save on toothpaste can help you buy the expensive tp. Although, I'm really glad I don't live with a tp snob, I totally get the cheap stuff.

Rich said...

always pamper your bum. You can never spend too much on that comfort,I have B's back on that one.

Jon said...

We make sure to have the good stuff so B will visit us often. :)