Sunday, October 18, 2009

Husband Appreciation Day

Have you ever known a person who has influenced your life so much that you're no longer the same person, but much much more than you ever thought you could be? Yeah. Me too.

Confession time once again.

I have this boy that I like...a lot. It seems that blogs are the best place to share your secrets. After all, no one reads this blog right?

So, this boy that I like is absolutely drop dead gorgeous PLUS he is superman. Here are a few reasons I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him...and no, there is no murderer of love in this story:

He goes to school and is studying basically 17 hours a day, and still makes time to make me feel special

He cleans up my barf bowl almost every day and doesn't complain or get sick himself!

He is absolutely hilarious

He's an awesome dancer (he even impressed all the Latinos at the Hispanic conference dance party he went to)

He isn't picky (i.e. he says I'm a good cook)

He loves cheesecake

He plans on being really rich some day so we can go on missions and give all our money away

He has amazing grammar

He is optimistic

He is super frugal. Example: Our conversation at his school conference consisted of something like,
Me: How was it? Did you get any interviews?
He: No, But you wouldn't believe all the free stuff I got!!!

You never know how many free pens you'll need in your life.

He tells me how cute I am at least 5 times a day even though I'm blowing up like a balloon

When he plays his cello or sings, it melts my heart.

He's basically perfect. No, really.

Sorry, ladies, he's taken. I hate to break it to you, but there's little chance you'll find someone as amazing as the boy I like, but here's to trying!


sara said...

He sounds like a dream. I don't think I would clean up your barf bowl without loosing my lunch as well. It takes a strong person to do that!
PS. I just realized B and I are soul sistas. I go to those conferences for the free stuff too. Last year I brought an extra suitcase to Chicago just for all the free stuff I was planning on getting! Pens for life!

Brooke said...

Ohhh cute Mary! I like you, and Barney too. We miss you guys!

Nicole said...

You must be pretty amazing yourself since you're the one who caught the attention of such a great guy! You and I have never met, but I new him in High School. I always tell my brothers as they enter High School that they need to be exactly like he was! You're a lucky girl!
p.s. congrats on your baby to come!