Thursday, April 2, 2009

Flop #2

One morning, a few years ago, I awoke to the panicked thought that it was April 1st (otherwise known as April Fool's Day) , and I had totally forgotten to prepare a prank on my mission companion. Despite my attempts at "losing" her during the morning rituals (exercise, frequent trips to the bathroom, etc), I was still without a good idea, and very much with my companion--circumstances that are not conducive to pranking. Finally, she got in the shower and I ran around our apartment in desperation for something, anything that I could think of. Kool-aid in the shower head? No, she was already in the shower. Make muffins with cotton balls in them? Not enough time. Finally, I came accross a pair of XXL nylons that had been left in the apartment by a former missionary. I opened up the package, and put the nylons in my companion's drawer. She got out of the shower, got ready and put on the nylons when, to my horror, they fit! I couldn't believe it! Turns out nylons are pretty much always "one size fits all" and super stretchy. Bummer! They were a little saggy, but nothing like I was hoping.

Well, a few days ago, I was awakened by my love telling me that a close family member had passed away the night before. I was distraught and sadly trying to comfort him when he yelled, "April Fools!" Blast. I forgot again? Well, thanks to the help of my good friend Britt, I made a delicious and very fancy Italian "dip" to serve for dinner. Here are the ingredients:

That thing on the right if fish sauce. Have you ever smelled fish sauce? It's foul. So, I mixed up all this stuff, thinking it would be way gross. Here was the reaction I got:

B: Mmm...what's this? reaching for a cracker to dip in the dip
M: Oh. It's just a fancy Italian dip I made for our Italian dinner (I made pizza:))
B: Taking a bite
M: Do you like it?
B: Yeah!
M: You do?!?!?!
B: Why? Should I not like it?

this is about where my cool poker face broke.

M: It was an April Fool's Day joke!
B: Well, it turned out pretty good. Here, you try it!

I tried a tiny bit just to satisfy Barney, but really, it was too gross thinking of all the things I had put in it.

So, there you go. Next year, I'm going to start early thinking of ideas...


Kyle and Tiff said...

I thought your prank flops were really funny, and that's almost as good as a real joke. =) I was looking at those dip ingredients and thinking it would be tasty, too, but then again I put fish sauce and peanut butter on pretty much everything. Can I get the recipe?

Jen said...

Funny! I have a a few ideas for next year, but don't want to post them for Barney's sake :o)

Robyn said...

Ha ha, I love you, Mary. :) I already have some good pranks cooked up for next year...

Jason said...

You should talk to my mother-in-law; she's the queen of pranks. This year she sent fake spilled cups of hot chocolate and fake melted ice cream cones (made out of some kind of silicone) to her daughters so they could leave them on top of their husband's (or mission companion's) important books, etc.

Naazju said...

Maybe this is a sign that you're just too nice to actually prank people. Good luck next year. ;)

sara said...

nice try nice guy. Pranking just isn't your style.
I've seen this kitty litter cake that looks completely disgusting and real. You should try that next year.

Elise said...

That is so funny! I didn't have any good pranks either, this year. Last year I got Dan with a fake pregnancy test...that was pretty funny.

Molly said...

Mine flopped too. I made snickerdoodles (Devin's favorite) with chili powder instead of cinnamon, but they ended up being pretty tasty. Guess I should have used salt instead of sugar.