Friday, November 7, 2008

Is that a joke?

I just sat down to write this post, and this guy with a spray bottle full of cleaning suplies (who was drenching the drinking fountain with the toxic stuff), dropped the bottle and this scary pink liquid sprayed all over the girl he was working with, and started oozing on the floor.

Guy: are you okay?
Girl: *cough, cough, hack, screams of pain* "yeah, I'm fine"

so that's why they tell you to wear goggles. Do you think it's okay to drink out of that water fountain? She still hasn't come out of the bathroom. Talk about death of chivalry! Back in the day, if a guy even looked wrong at a girl it was rude. Now, he can throw toxic chemicals at her and get away with it?

Anyway, the reason for this post, was that I was indexing some names from a California 1920 census today. Some of it is somewhat decipherable, but other parts, are unbelievable. I don't know if it's just bad handwriting, or if the guy who was writing the census records was multi-tasking and watching their version of SNL or something. I can just see it:

Man (who we'll call Clifford) writing: "...John Hammond, Mary Edmund, ha, ha, ha Ecksnerzlenytrina. Shoot, do you think they'll be able to read that? Oh well..."

My question is, is Ecksnerzlenytrina a guy or a girl?

p.s. Barney and I have a new nephew!!! Congrats Net!


Ted said...

I love the Canadian background to your blog!

Dianey Face said...

Pretty sure you're hilarious. Great post! Be careful when ranting about custodians though... you're related to one. Janitors are people too. :)

sara said...

Do you think it was only a toxin if it touches your skin or did it also release a gas? Did you start to think that everything was funny after that incident? It might explain the name...How many fingers am I holding up.

Trick question, obviously they are all down since I'm typing. :)